Hello, my name is Meri and I am new to the world of User Experience.  
My career started in Royalty Accounting for Music.  I am changing my career due to the fact that many companies are reducing their costs.   Many departments that are considered "back office operations" are either being outsourced or relocated.  My particular case was relocation.  I decided it was time for me to explore new career options.  
Why User Experience?  
First I majored in History, it turns out that I love doing research.  I truly enjoy starting at one point and finding every possible answer.
Second, my minor was Communication and my favorite class was Non-Verbal Communication.  I believe this class is helpful with having in depth conversations and is useful for User interviews.
Third, for the past 12 years of my career I have worked in Royalty Audits.  This work requires research, communication with many different people, extensive analysis, exploring various options, knowing what questions to ask, and the ability to be flexible. 
Fourth, User Experience fascinates me and challenges me in a good way.  It presents a tangible way for me to use my Liberal Arts degree and an opportunity to learn new concepts and techniques. 
Fifth, User Experience is a career that could be done in many fields.  
Currently, I use my skills to help Craft / Creative business owners improve their websites.
Many people fear a challenge, that is not me. 
Thank you for visiting my website.  You can connect with me Contact, LinkedIn https://www.linkedin.com/in/meri-thomas/ or Medium https://medium.com/@mthomaspss.
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