This wireframe is for a former co-worker, Lori Crawford, website redesign.  She wanted an idea of how to switch her website into more of a portfolio.  The audience for the previous design were fans of her books.  Lori wanted the audience to now be film and television producers / development executives, literary managers, and literary agents.   Lori’s goal is to be a screenwriter and wants her website to help generate interest from the Film & TV folks.

1 – Title of Page (i.e. “Lori Writes”); 2 – Home

3 – Picture or Pictures; 4 - Latest News

A – Beginning of latest news – can be longer

5 – About

B – Prompts for writing About section

6 – Reading Room

C – Prompts to list prior works and write descriptions

7 – Contact; 8 – Search

D – Contact Info – invite visitors to contact you and engage with you on social media.

Lori has started to implement the changes suggested.
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